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How old is "Becky"?

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Well what can I say? A hot blonde with with power tools, does it get any better?

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Becky is a pretty gal, with blonde locks and white complexion. She's a short lady with a slim body, tight buttocks and a nice bust.

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People's Comments

MustangJessica9: Yay! Silver star! And that's a scary picture
ABDV: Hey, i have something, i wonder if i could plug it into your power socket
Zipporah: very nice indeed
Gabriella-Sandrina: pretty and natural
Minique: I'd like to see her try and plug that in somewhere....
dntaker: Why is she trying to cut through that rock with a circular saw??
jringo: Move the saw out of the way and repost
pete: u going to saw the sand
dantheman: what the hell is she doing on a rock with that 'cordless' woodsaw?
James hunter: u need a battery to get that tool to work but u make my motor rev very hot pic

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