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How Old Am I?

How old is "Zipporah"?

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Hi from me and my cat...He is a little monster. He is running the house. If you got cats they are the boss you are just a servant.. if you want devotion get a dog.. but my cat is a funny lovable old devil...

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Zipporah is a pretty kitten, with brunette locks and white skin. She's a medium lady with a fit body, tight buttocks and a nice pair of acceptable breasts.

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People's Comments

AgeingPunk: Nice cat. You're looking fine too!
Zipporah: I know the cat is nice...I would vote for the cat also instead of for me.
Daddy: That's a nice cat.
Zipporah: oh no worries I am not at all vain if you think I look like forty-six that's fine by me..when I was younger forty seemed ancient
Zipporah: of course Zipporah is not my real name and if someone says I am **..then you guess my cats age in human years I am much younger.
Username: Gold for me, you still look awesome! Thasts what I said when I saw your pick, Zipporah!

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