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How old is "Connie"?

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This is my sister's roomie. I'm worried for my sister as Connie as she's a bit you know...that way!

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Connie is a ugly doll, with brunette locks and white complexion. She's a short lady with a curvy body and a nice chest.

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People's Comments

Trollinyoma: I voted **, she's fugly as hell!
loveishate2008: umm aww you dress yourself now good job learn how to match..
Programmer: Hi, how are you sweet girl?
caramelpecan132: BULL I vote ** no make up!
taarene: no way she is that young :S
AgeingPunk: I'm noy surprised she's 'you know...that way!' Nice manly tattoo there.
marley: looks like a right old slapper to me!
ShyGuy18: Strong -whatever-
James Hunter: i wanna Smurf her toes

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