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This is my friends ex misses. She aint much to look at or much else for that matter. Shes a bit of a weirdo and for some reasons she loves green shoes, yuck!

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Simona is a ugly chick, with brunette locks and white complexion. She's a medium lady with a skinny figure, square butt and a nice bust.

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People's Comments

Jiijiikoo: Beautiful !!
wowgirl: she's a girrafe
wowgirl: i guessed your age and there's somthing called a bra
pokinsmot: look at that neck...
jeanniedangeli: beautiful eyes, girl!
RON132: hell, i think shes good lookin
the4ofus: not so bad cheer up!
Daddy: She is a port star. Radiate joy my a s s!
Zipporah: she radiate joy and . whoever wrote her profile doesn't like her but she is good looking so guess someone is envious....
the great mikey: shes fit!!

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