How Old Am I?
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How Old Am I?

Help !!!!

girlracer666 Gold Stars0 Silver Stars0 Uploads0
29th October, 2005. 4:41:05 PM.  
I am so thick !!!! *blush*

I posted my age in the photo description!!!!! how can I edit it so it isn't on there!!!!

i feel so silly now!!

Moderator Daddy 128 146 Uploads27
29th October, 2005. 7:35:59 PM.  
Hey there. You can't edit messages but we will add that feature in next week along with a buch of other great new features.

For the moment, I can edit the message for you...

Also, if you want any new features to HOAI, just let us know here and we can make them for you.
Moderator Maz 17 22 Uploads0
31st October, 2005. 11:36:07 AM.  
Your not thick your the way I guess your age correct HA!

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